An American Story:
Norman Mineta
and His Legacy

Norman’s American Story is a path from shame and humiliation as a child in a U.S. concentration camp to seeking justice for all Americans while serving 20 years in Congress and two presidential cabinets.

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What Does It Mean
to Be an American?
The Mineta Legacy

This free online resource will be available to social studies educators consisting of six modules for school and college students examining Mineta’s career including: immigration, civil liberties & equity, civic engagement, justice & reconciliation, leadership & decision-making, and U.S.–Japan relations.

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“When you’re in close quarters…people will sort

of give you the once over. And so, I always wear

this (flag pin). It’s something you feel when

you’re doing things. Am I really being fully

accepted as an American citizen?

I want to make sure everyone knows I am.”


(in response to why he wears an American flag pin on his lapel)